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Τοποθεσία και αξιοθέατα

The location of the campsite

The location of Lefka Beach Camping is ideal for a calm, relaxing and restful holiday.

The campsite is 1 kilometer from the nearest village and the crowded beaches. However, visitors will find everything they need in the shops operating in the campsite (mini market, all day café bar, restaurant).

The strategic location of Lefka Beach camping makes it an ideal base for visits to important archaeological sites, day trips, and exploring Nafplio and the wider Argolis region.

Some of the most important archaeological sites that the camper has the opportunity to visit are:

  • Ancient Theater of Epidaurus (30 km)
  • Acropolis of Mycenae - Treasure of Atreus - Tomb of Agamemnon (33 km)
  • Acropolis of Tiryns (16 km)
  • Acropolis of Ancient Asini (6 km)
  • Ancient Market of Argos – Ancient Theater of Argos (25 km)
  • Archaeological Site of Nemea (45 km)

Attractions and activities


Nafplion (14 km)

Nafplio (or Anapli) is one of the most beautiful cities of the Argolic land and of the whole of Greece. The city of Nafplion was the first capital of the newly formed Greek state from 1823 to 1834, it was built according to mythology by Nafplion, the son of Poseidon and Danaida Amymone.

Its cultural chain starts from prehistoric times, it participated in the Argonaut Campaign and the Trojan War, declined in the Roman years and recovered in the Byzantine; Franks, Venetians and Turks left their marks on the city. Ancient walls, medieval castles, monuments, statues, Ottoman fountains, Venetian and neoclassical buildings, all charming historical and architectural jewels, await the visitor with a majestic welcome.

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Mycenae (33 km)

In the wider area of Mycenae, the first great Greek civilization, also called Mycenaean, developed. The acropolis of Mycenae as well as famous vaulted Mycenaean tombs are preserved to this day and are worth visiting.

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Epidaurus (30 km)

In Epidaurus you can find the largest and most important theater of ancient Greece (Ancient Theater of Epidaurus). Every year, in the months of July and August, the Athens-Epidavros festival takes place.

In the hinterland of Epidaurus was also Asclepius, the most important healing center of the entire Greek and Roman world and is considered the place where medicine was born. Every year in the months of July and August the Athens-Epidavros festival takes place.

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Athens - Epidaurus Festival

Athens - Epidaurus Festival

Every summer the ancient theater of Epidaurus comes alive and hosts performances as part of the Athens - Epidaurus festival. During July and August, every weekend hosts a different performance by Greek and international renowned artists.



Nemea, the wine roads (50 km)

One of the popular destinations of the Peloponnese with significant archaeological and oenological interest, Nemea is surrounded by fertile plains that have been giving life to the place for centuries now. Here, the largest concentrated vineyard in Greece is spread out, producing wines famous throughout the world, with the most famous variety, Agiorgitiko.

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Methana (76 km)

Built on a peninsula of the Peloponnese, they are among the oldest resorts in the Saronic region. Here there are hot springs along the SE coast of the peninsula and beautiful beaches with clear sea.

Since ancient times they have been famous for their thermal springs, which are due to volcanic phenomena.

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Day cruise in Spetses - Hydra

Day cruise in Spetses - Hydra

Day cruises are becoming increasingly popular with travelers looking for a mix of adventure, relaxation and cultural exploration. Spetses and Hydra are two of the most sought-after destinations for day cruises due to their proximity to mainland Greece and their special features. With a variety of attractions and activities to offer, these islands are perfect for a day getaway.

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