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Our locally produced products
Our family produces
extra virgin olive oil and pure honey.

Olive oil

Our olive groves are located in the mountainous region of Vivari and consist mostly of olive trees of the Koroneiki variety as well as Ladoelies. No pesticides are used during the cultivation process.

The olives are harvested by hand in mid-October and processed the same or the next day at the latest. This fact classifies the olive oil we produce in the category "Agourelio". Olive oil is an oil produced relatively early, before the olive fruit ripens, which is unripe and green. Not all fresh olive oils are called unripe olive oil, but only those produced from unripe olive fruit. They have a bright green color due to the chlorophylls of the unripe olive fruit which give the olive oil greater antioxidant properties. They differ in taste from extra virgin olive oil as it is strongly bitter and somewhat spicy with a strong fruity flavor from the aromas of freshly picked unripe olives.

The most intense characteristics of the agur oil are evident from its production, in November and until March. As time goes by, the green olive oil loses its intense flavor but not its nutrients. Pure agourelaio that has not undergone any processing or filtering, after some time will show a sediment (murga) at the bottom of the container, which is a natural residue of the olive oil and indicates the purity of the agourelaio. It contains all the vitamins and provitamins of olive oil, minerals and polyphenols, which protect cells from oxidative stress, active oxygen and free radicals.



Our family produces pure honey without additions or processing. Due to the fact that we do not have the possibility to move our beehives outside the prefecture, we exclusively produce the 2 varieties of honey that our place offers, Thymarisio (thyme) and Anthomelo (flower honey).

Thymarisio: Due to the geography, the sun and the climate, thyme thrives in our area, which is especially loved by bees. Thyme grows in dry and stony soils and is considered a top beekeeping plant, precisely because it gives an extremely aromatic honey with great nutritional value, which is why it ranks among the best varieties of honey worldwide. Thyme honey has been used since ancient times for its beneficial properties. In our time, scientific studies have shown that it has a strong antimicrobial, antiseptic and antifungal effect.

Anthomelo: The Argolic plain is full of citrus fruits and mainly orange trees. From the orange and citrus fruits in general, a very aromatic and light-colored honey full of citrus fruit flavor is obtained, which crystallizes quickly (1-3 months). Citrus fruits (oranges, tangerines, etc.) are an important source of nectar for honey production.

* Crystallization of honey is one of its properties, it is completely normal and occurs mainly in flower honeys and less to rarely forest honeys.

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